Carmelitas Teresas de San Jose

Under the impulse of the Spirit and in response to the need of society, Teresa Toda and Teresa Guasch, mother and daughter, founded the Congregation of the Carmelite Sisters of St. Joseph in Spain on February 22, 1878. The mission that God gave them Entrusted was to opt for the smallest and unfortunate who suffered the lack of protection and abandonment for different reasons.

The Carmelite Teresas of San José arrived in Puerto Rico on September 10, 1979. They began to carry out their mission in education and pastoral care, responding to the human and spiritual needs of the communities of the eastern area of Puerto Rico. Then, the Teresa Toda Homes were established in the Municipality of Loíza, on March 19, 1993. After twelve years of great blessings, the Teresa Toda Homes were extended and the El Carmelo Residence was established along with the Teresiano Polytechnic, on the 4th of August 2005. In this way, the three projects of a Work of Love of the Catholic Religious Congregation are constituted in Puerto Rico, under the Province of Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia with headquarters in the Dominican Republic.

OUR CHARISM The Carmelite Teresas of Saint Joseph continues to be committed to the experience of the Holy Spirit lived by our Foundresses, Teresa Toda, and Teresa Guasch and we understand our charism as a progressive configuration with Christ in the mystery of his spiritual annihilation and childhood. We live in fraternal communities, with a family lifestyle, where we strive to make our own, the Gospel spirit that characterized our Founders, striving so that simplicity, humility, meekness, austerity and ardent zeal for the salvation of men, be our family seal


We seek to extend and consolidate the Kingdom of God preferably with children and youth, ensuring that mercy is the soul of our mission, being for carmelitechildren and young people, mothers, teachers, and friends. And we do it by means of:

  • the catechesis
  • the reception of children marginalized by all types of orphanage
  • the integral education of childhood and youth.

OUR APOSTOLIC ACTIVITY is carried out in schools and colleges, parishes, home-houses, missions, social works, residences.

We are present in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile, the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cote d’Ivoire and, since July 2004, also in Mozambique.

“A Carmelita Teresa de San José is a woman with a strong experience of God, who impels all her life to until having Christ as the absolute value of her existence. She is qualified to live community values stemming from the faith and to express them in the mission. From the Gospel she is motivated by a broad social sensibility to work for the transformation of the reality in which she lives. An apostolic zeal keeps her in a constant attitude of service for the Reign; she professes love and obedience to the Holy Father and to the hierarchy of the Church; she prefers those that society does not value to build a world of justice, fraternity and freedom. Her attitude of openness to the Spirit helps her to live the characteristic virtues, bequeathed to the Institute by its Founders. “(Constitutions, article 8).

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