Independent Living Project

Problems Addressed

The transition to independent living for young people in care requires the design of plans and actions that are initiated in the residential centers and continue after they leave. Recent studies indicate (Mercè Jariot Garcia et al, 2015) that these young people have a high percentage of failure and school mobility, limited training for employment, job instability and a career of low-skilled jobs. Foster care is perceived as a source of educational opportunity that was not offered to them in their biological home. The factors behind poor academic performances and school failure are: high school mobility, low academic self-esteem, poor motivation, the need to work to support themselves after the age of 18, little or no family support, no spaces available to study and not receiving attention for homework.

We will support these young women until they are ready to take on society’s challenges as strong, independent, assertive, healthy women. This project will provide our clients an opportunity to receive room, board and nutrition as well as personal development services such as counseling, and a series of workshops on healthy lifestyles. These supportive services will serve to build life skills in each client thereby empowering them and lifting their chances to succeed.

Components of Services

A. Provide Room and Board for dorm or housing near work or educational facility.
B. Social Worker will provide individual coordination of services including, helping to manage program benefits like, nutrition, housing, general financial support (allowance) and career/life choices;
C. Mental health provider will offer individual and group therapy, support and referrals when needed;
D. Two Healthy Lifestyles Awareness Workshops will cover the following themes: career and financial planning, social/work etiquette, emotional management and relationships, prevention of STD’S and unwanted pregnancies, proper nutrition and substance abuse awareness.

Outcome Objectives

Clients who successfully complete program will:
1. Increase knowledge on healthy lifestyles by 30%.
2. Obtain/Retain gainful employment or program of higher education.
3. Increase self-esteem and develop greater emotional management.

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